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Victory for the Democrats in Alabama

The State of Alabama has said No to Roy Moore and its ultra-conservative agenda. Even though I knew Alabama, on of the most conservative states in the U.S. had become a toss-up in the final days of the campaign, I remained convinced Moore would carry the day. After all, the State had not elected a Democrat since 1992!

How glad I am this morning that I was proven wrong! Not only Moore, a man stuck in the 1950s with his backward views on society, a man who has been accused by a string of women of sexually abusing them when they were in their teens, was defeated.

As a source close to the White House said last night: "this is an earthquake... It's devastating for the President." That is an understatement. After all, Trump, Moore's kindred spirit on so many levels, put whatever credibility he may have on the line when he chose to endorse him so very publicly. Only last week, in Florida, he rallied unequivocally for Moore. Some pundits argue Trump did so in the name of short-term political gains, for he needs all the Republicans he can find to back his ambitious tax reform bill, not to mention his rhetoric on crime, the military and the border wall with Mexico. If so, his short-term political gains approach badly backfired.

Of course, Trump, a man who cannot admit defeat, is already trying to save face and turn the table around. After all, did he not support Moore's opponent during the primaries? Is it not when Moore carried the day that he, the so-called deal breaker of the century, chose to support a deeply flawed candidate on the ground Washington needs not another Democrat. In his somewhat deluded mind, he was right all along. In a tweet, he said: "the reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!" In Trump's world, that kind of statement is called an "alternative fact" or the art (for it is an art) of making a stinging defeat look like a victory...

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